Note: These are clips of Voodoo and original double white PAF's in the same guitar ('92 Classic Plus)
and through the same amp ('66 Vibrolux Reverb) at the same club. In all instances, the magnet in the
neck pickup is flipped (The Peter Green mod). The recording equipment was the same, but the mics
were placed differently for the 2 performances. The recording is pretty crummy, sorry. But, hopefully
you will get an idea of the difference in the pickups.

Clip 1, Voodoo humbucker, neck pickup only
Clip 2, Voodoo humbucker, both pickups (out of phase)

Clip 3, Double White PAF, neck pickup only
Clip 4, Double White PAF, both pickups (out of phase)

Here are 2 more of the bridge pickup only. Clip 5 is the Voodoo in the same guitar as above, but through
a '66 Deluxe Reverb. Clip 6 is the Double Whites as above.

Clip 5, Voodoo humbucker, bridge pickup only
Clip 6, Double White PAF, bridge pickup only